To provide educational facility to Rural as well as Urban students.

To seek the changes occurring in the educational system.

To improve leadership and entrepreneurial skills of Students

The greatest feature that distinguishes man from other living beings is the desire of man to improve quality of life. Curing and preventing diseases is the most important step to improve the quality of life. The human brain is always occupied in probing the intricacies of different aspects of human health, hygiene and medicine. Pharmacists play a key role in healthcare system through knowledge based research, manufacture and distribution of quality drugs and pharmaceuticals.


To enable students to develop necessary skills in the field of pharmaceutical sciences so as to contribute in the nation building process and enrich their lives.


To become a premier, globally recognized institute by excelling in pharmacy education for creating socially responsible pharmacists and researchers.


Special High-quality Education

Specialised Support

To give specilised support for students who makes career in pharmacy

Advance Laboratory

We have well equiped and advanced laboratory with Projecter labs

Qualified Staff

We provide qualified staff who teach at higher level